Cash Tied Up or Buying Off The Plan Property?

Use a Deposit Bond to Safely Manager Your Depsit

Approval Process

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Deposit Bonds Comparison

Compare Deposit Bonds for Property Purchases

Provider Bond Amount Term Length Fees Features

Deposit Power

$10,000 - $500,000 6 - 60 months Average fee of $1,000 A+ rated, digitally delivered, no security required, flexible terms, approval in minutes

Deposit Bond Australia

$20,000 - $2,000,000 3 - 66 months 1.15% - 3.2% per annum Unsecured, quick approval (4-48 hours), no security required, suitable for residential and commercial properties

Deposit Assure

$15,000 - $750,000 6 - 48 months $600 setup fee Flexible terms, quick approval, no hidden fees, suitable for off-plan purchases

FAQs for Deposit Bonds

What is a Deposit Bond?

A Deposit Bond is a guarantee used in place of a cash deposit when buying property, typically valid until settlement.

How do I setup a deposit bond?

To set up a deposit bond, contact your finance broker. They will guide you through the application process and required documentation.

What are the benefits of a deposit bond?

High rental yields, government-backed income, long-term leases, and supporting individuals with disabilities.


What will a deposit bond cost me?

The cost of a deposit bond depends on several factors, including the bond amount and your specific financial situation.

How does a deposit bond protect my home purchase?

A deposit bond acts as a guarantee, replacing the cash deposit needed to secure your home until settlement, reducing upfront costs.

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