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With property prices around Australia slowing down, this could be the best time you could start looking for a mortgage broker in Surry Hills. For people who are looking to buy their first home or renovate an existing one, the current trend promises competitive loan terms. As of mid-2017, home prices are drifting down in nearly every major Australian city and Sydney is no exception. In turn, this means that lenders are waiting for borrowers to come in and negotiate a deal, though they may not be desperate yet.

Leading Mortgage Brokers in Surry Hills

At Obtain Finance we keep track of all these developments that can squeeze out the last dollar from your mortgage deal. We work directly with a large number of lenders to provide you with the widest choices. But, when you contact any one lender, it is likely that the particular lender does not have the specific product tailored to your needs.

On the other hand, your mortgage broker Surry Hills brings several years of mortgage broking experience to the table and can work with you closely from start to finish. This will ensure that you get the best deal possible and peace of mind throughout the process.

You could be shopping for a mortgage loan for your first home, renovation of an existing home, or even make additions to your existing property such as a granny home. Whatever be the reason, your mortgage broker Surry Hills can quickly negotiate with the lenders and present you with several options to choose from. In most situations, it takes about 8 to 12 weeks to process your mortgage loan and our professionals are always at hand to help you with the paper work and follow up action required.

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