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NDIS Investment Loan Options

Construction NDIS Mortgage



Looking to construct a new NDIS compliant home? Speak to us for loan assistance and available properties also.

Includes 0.80% loading during construction

Up to 90% LVR

Completed Property



Buying a ready made property that has been constructed or purchasing a resale, we can help with the finance.

Free borrowing consultation

Up to 90% LVR

Refinance of NDIS Mortgage



Looking to review your NDIS mortgage to enhance your net yield with a more competitive rate? We can assist with your review.

Free NDIS mortgage review

Up to 90% LVR

FAQs for NDIS Mortgages

What is an NDIS mortgage?

An NDIS mortgage is a loan for investors to buy or build Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) properties under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), meeting specific standards for disability support.


How do I qualify?

You need good credit, stable income proof, and documentation of the property’s SDA compliance. A 10-20% deposit is usually required.


What are the benefits?

High rental yields, government-backed income, long-term leases, and supporting individuals with disabilities.


Can I use my SMSF?

Yes, it offers tax benefits but requires strict compliance and higher management costs.


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